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Testosterone Propionate
Testosterone Propionate
CAS : 57-85-2
Assay : 98% min
Brand : Maxisteroids
Appearance : White crystalline powder
Catalogy : Pharmaceutical intermediates
MOQ : 10g

China Bodybuilding Anabolic Steroids Powder 98% Testosterone Propionate CAS: 57-85-2


Testosterone Propionate


Synonyms: Testosterone-17beta-propionate; Testosteroni propionas; Testoxyl; Testrex; Tostrin; Uniteston; Vulvan; Testosterone Prop; Testosterone P; Test Prop; Test P; Nasdol; Vulvan; Anertan; Enarmon; nsc9166; Orchiol; Telipex; Testrex; Tostrin; Androlon

CAS: 57-85-2

EINECS: 200-351-1

Assay: 98% min.

Melting Point: 118-123 °C

Molecular Formula: C22H32O3

Molecular weight:344.495

Appearance: white or off-white crystalline powder

Usage: Pharmaceutical material


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